Finding the Perfect Gift with March Birthstone Jewelry for Birthdays

March Birthstone Jewelry

The month’s highlighted gemstone, Aquamarine, is revered for its healing qualities, ancient stories, and beautiful blue color.

Sure thing! March babies have two awesome birthstones. Let’s start with Aquamarine. It’s like having a piece of the clear blue ocean in a gemstone! It’s super pretty and can brighten up any outfit and your mood.

Then there’s bloodstone. It’s green with little red specks, kind of like drops of blood. It’s bold and makes you stand out in a crowd.

Whether you like the calm of Aquamarine or the boldness of bloodstone, March birthstone jewelry has something cool for everyone. And us March babies? Well, we’re known for being both energetic and thoughtful, always looking for a bit of wisdom.

Aquamarine: March Birthstone Jewelry

Aquamarine, the birthstone for March, holds deep meaning tied to the ocean’s tranquility and inspiration. Gifting a piece of aquamarine jewelry is a beautiful choice for a birthday present. Aquamarine jewelry, whether it’s a ring, earrings, bracelet, or pendant, is more than just adornment. It’s believed to evoke healing, compassion, and peace when worn.

With its name rooted in water, Aquamarine has a rich history linked to the sea. It’s often associated with mermaids and carries the calming energy of the ocean, fostering emotional balance and intuition.

This gemstone’s influence extends to creativity and communication, making it a valuable companion in various aspects of life. In the past, Aquamarine was even thought to reignite love and passion, adding depth to relationships.

Women are naturally drawn to Aquamarine’s serene yet revitalizing allure, making it a cherished gift for any occasion.

Why Does March Birthstone Jewelry Make a Meaningful Gift?

Aquamarine, in every aspect, makes a wonderful March birthstone jewelry gift for March babies. Whether searching for an elegant aquamarine necklace as a timeless anniversary present or planning to surprise your Pisces partner with a special birthday gift, Rogers & Hollands offers a diverse selection of affordable birthstone jewelry designed by America’s finest jewelry maestros. 

Unlike many other gemstones, Aquamarine, March birthstone jewelry, comes in various sizes, allowing you to choose from delicate pendants to bold fashion rings, earrings, and more. Its durability also makes it easy to maintain. Simply gently scrub away any dirt or grime with a soft brush and soapy water.

With its more affordable price point, aquamarine jewelry serves as an excellent alternative to traditional diamond pieces, even serving as the focal point in engagement rings. 

Benefits of Wearing March Birthstone Jewelry 

  • Emotional Healing and Courage

Aquamarine is associated with emotional healing and courage, providing support and confidence to face challenges.

  • Calming Energy

Known for its calming properties, Aquamarine can alleviate stress, anxiety, and emotional trauma, promoting peace and tranquility.

  • Protection and Abundance

Aquamarine has a history of being used by sailors for safe passage, symbolizing protection and attracting positive energy for March-born individuals.

  • Enhanced Communication

Believed to enhance clarity of thought and communication skills, wearing Aquamarine can help express feelings more clearly and assertively.

March Birthstone Jewelry for Extra Bling on Special Occasions

  • Cushion-Cut Aquamarine & Diamond Halo Pendant in Sterling Silver
March Birthstone Jewelry

This pendant by Rogers & Hollands showcases a real 5mm aquamarine in a cushion-cut style, encircled by a halo of diamonds, and crafted in sterling silver.

March Birthstone Jewelry

The ring, made of 14-karat white gold, highlights a central 7mm aquamarine stone bordered by a total weight of 0.36 carats of HI I1-2 diamonds.

  • Aquamarine Heart Bracelet in Sterling Silver
March Birthstone Jewelry

The 7-inch sterling silver bracelet showcases nine heart-shaped aquamarine stones, each measuring 5mm, alongside two diamonds totaling 0.01 carats in weight, graded IJ I2-3.

Final Thoughts 

Did you know that March is a month packed with zodiac energy? We’ve got not one, but two star signs to celebrate: Pisces and Aries.

Let’s start with our dreamy Pisceans, whose birthdays fall from February 19th to March 20th. Their birthstone? Drumroll, please… Aquamarine! This gemstone’s icy blue hue perfectly matches the imaginative and creative vibes of Pisces. Plus, with their symbol being two fishes swimming in opposite directions, you can see why Aquamarine’s deep ties to the ocean make it extra special for them.

So, why wait? It’s the perfect time to add some March birthstone jewelry from Rogers & Hollands to your collection and let your inner sparkle shine!