What Does Tendered to Delivery Service Provider Mean?

Tendered to Delivery Service Provider

If you’ve been tracking a package delivery online, you may have seen the status “Tendered to Delivery Service Provider” and wondered what it means. This tracking event indicates your package has been handed off from the shipper to the carrier for delivery.

Understanding common tracking events like “Tendered to Delivery Service Provider” can provide more transparency into the shipping process and help gauge when to expect your packages. In this article, we’ll break down what this status means and what the next steps are.

Tendered to Delivery Service Provider Meaning

Tendered to Delivery Service Provider
Tendered to Delivery Service Provider

The tracking status “Tendered to Delivery Service Provider” means your package has been handed off from the original shipper, like a retailer or distributor, to the delivery service that will be completing the shipping.

This handoff is known as “tendering.” The delivery service provider can be a shipping carrier like UPS, FedEx, or USPS that will handle the final delivery leg. Or it may be a regional courier service if the shipment originated locally.

Seeing this status lets you know your package is in transit between the seller and the delivery service. It has left the origin facility and is on the way for sorting and transportation to your destination.

Why Does the Tendered Status Appear?

Before an order ship, the retailer or seller prints a shipping label with tracking and sends the package details to the chosen delivery service provider.

However, the package may not be immediately picked up and scanned by the shipping carrier after the label is created. Often, a seller will hold packages at their facility and hand them off in bulk.

The Tendered scan event gets triggered when the shipping carrier first receives those packages from the origin facility. This status indicates the handoff between the shipper and delivery service has occurred.

Packages then undergo sorting and depart on freight trucks or aircraft. The delivery service provider has physical possession of your items at the Tendered phase.

What Happens After the Tendered Scan?

Once a package is marked as “Tendered,” it will go through these common next steps:

  • Arrive at the shipping carrier’s facility for sorting
  • Get sorted by destination and depart via ground or air transport
  • Arrive at a regional hub facility for further sorting
  • Depart the hub bound for the delivery post office or facility
  • Arrive at the delivery station responsible for your area
  • Get loaded on the delivery vehicle for transportation to the destination
  • Out for delivery and delivered scans mark the final mile

The Tendered event means your package is at the start of that journey within the delivery network. Progressing scans will come next as they route closer to your address.

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How Long Until Delivery After Tendered Status?

There is no fixed timeframe for delivery after a package gets the Tendered scan. Transit times vary based on these factors:

  • Shipping speed selected (ground, 2-day, next day, etc)
  • Distance traveled from origin to destination
  • Any time spent in pre-shipment handling
  • Time required for sorting and transportation
  • Delays or exceptions along the route
  • Overall volume in the carrier’s network

Shipments that originate and deliver within the same major metro area may only take 1-2 days after getting tendered. But a ground shipment crossing states could take 5 or more days in transit before delivery after tendering.

Monitor any further tracking updates to gauge transit time for your specific package’s situation. The Tendered scan signals it’s on the move and should have consistent scans soon.

Reasons a Package Stays in Tendered Status

In most cases, after your package gets tendered to the delivery provider, it begins routing closer to the destination. But sometimes a parcel may remain stuck in tendered status for these reasons:

  • The origin shipper held the package and delayed handing it off
  • High volume delayed carrier from collecting and scanning
  • Issue during the tendering process prevented scanning
  • Manual scans missed along the route
  • Package missing or misplaced after tendering

If a package stays tendered without further scans for an extended time, it may be worth checking with the shipper or delivery provider. But some transit time after that status is normal as carriers transport large volumes.

Best Practices for Troubleshooting Tendered Packages

If your package remains stuck in tendered status for over a week with no further tracking updates, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Confirm the carrier marked as having received the tendered package is correct. Sometimes origin shippers print wrong carrier tracking labels by mistake which causes no scans.
  • Contact the shipper to verify they handed off the package to the carrier as indicated. See if they have any additional insight on expected transit.
  • Reach out to the delivery service’s customer support and provide the tracking number. They can investigate missing scans or the last known package status.
  • Request a trace search if the carrier confirms the package is lost or missing after being tendered. This escalates tracking efforts.
  • If needed, file claims with the shipper and carrier to recoup the value of missing tendered packages.

With the right tracking details and communication, many tendered package issues can be resolved or traced. But it’s important to follow up if something seems amiss.

Key Takeaways on the Tendered Tracking Status

When you see the “Tendered to Delivery Service Provider” tracking status, keep these tips in mind:

  • It signals the package has transferred from the shipper to the delivery carrier.
  • Standard sorting, transportation, and delivery processes follow after tendering.
  • Delivery timelines vary based on shipment details like service and destination.
  • If stalled, tendered packages may require troubleshooting with the shipper or carrier.
  • The status means your order is in transit – watch for additional delivery progress scans.

Understanding common tracking events like tendered can provide clarity into the behind-the-scenes shipping process and set informed delivery expectations.