The Best Albums of 2024 So Far

best albums of 2024

Do you consider yourself to be on the pulse of the latest music trends? As we anticipate new albums from musical artists like Taylor Swift, Sheryl Crow, and Lenny Kravitz, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Last year was a big year for music, with consumption having its biggest one-year gain since 2019. 2024 is poised to break that record.

We’re not far into the new year, but there have already been some excellent releases across all music genres. Stick with us to learn some of the best albums of 2024 so far.

Ariana Grande – Eternal Sunshine

The seventh album from singer-songwriter Ariana Grande makes reference to the cult film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It’s her first album in four years.

GRAMMY-winning producer and songwriter Max Martin was back to work with Grande after not collaborating on her 2020 album Positions. Her first release, “yes, and?” premiered at the top of the Spotify Global Chart.

The song also grabbed the number one spot on the Apple Music Top 100 Global Chart. The video garnered a top spot in YouTube’s Trending For Music category.

Brittany Howard – What Now

The second solo album from the Alabama Shakes frontwoman has been described as “an outrageously great album” by one reviewer. Her guitar work and brilliant vocal performance wow listeners.

She performs songs about love fading away, new love beginning, and how she often misses red flags in new relationships. Who can relate?

Ghetts – On Purpose, With Purpose

Veteran UK rapper has released his fourth studio album and it lives up to the hype. Ghetts’ unique approach to grime and hip-hop set him apart from other artists.

Critics wonder if he can top his 2021 masterpiece, Conflict of Interest, one of the most critically acclaimed hip-hop albums of all time. Ghetts proves himself with each new track as it meets everyone’s expectations.

Songs like Intro and Mine are soulful and speak to worries of every man like health, safety, taxes, and personal shortcomings.

Green Day – Saviors

Who can believe it’s been thirty years since Green Day unleashed the biggest-selling punk album ever? The Rock and Roll Hall of Famers are back in 2024 with their 14th studio album.

The group calls the album “raw and emotional, funny and disturbing.” One of the singles on the album unleashes the trio’s political side. It’s entitled The American Dream is Killing Me and it examines the death of the traditional American Dream.

The band reunited with Rob Cavallo for their latest work. He is the producer behind their 1994 breakout album, Dookie.

Before you download some of this new music, learn about exciting music industry trends. The collision of technology and music may change your listening experience.

Wrap-Up: The Best Albums of 2024

Now that you know the best albums of 2024, it’s time to add them to your playlist. Jam to the best new music to get past the winter blues.

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