The Return of the disaster-class Hero 57

disaster-class Hero 57

Read our in-depth analysis of The Return of the disaster-class Hero 57. We break down the surprise villain attack on U.A. High and Hiroshi’s critical test as he taps into One for All against the League of Villains.

The Return of the disaster-class Hero 57 marks an exciting and pivotal moment in the story. In this installment, our protagonist Hiroshi faces his greatest challenge yet as he confronts the sinister plans of the League of Villains.

The Setup of Disaster-class Hero 57

As chapter 57 opens, we find Hiroshi continuing his training at U.A. High, determined to master his quirk One For All, and become a true hero. However, trouble is brewing as the leader of the League of Villains hatches a nefarious plot to destroy U.A. High and defeat All Might once and for all.

The Villain’s Plan

The villain has managed to obtain a powerful weapon that could level U.A. High in an instant. He has also gathered an army of dangerous criminals to aid in his assault. He plans to launch a devastating surprise attack while the students are in class, overwhelming the heroes before they can react. Only All Might stands in his way, but the villain intends to defeat the Symbol of Peace using underhanded tricks.

Preparing for Battle

As the League of Villains mobilizes for the attack, the teachers and pro heroes at U.A. High also prepare to defend the school. All Might and Principal Nezu coordinate their strategy while Present Mic and Midnight train the students in case the battle reaches them. We see Class 1-A discussing preparations and steeling themselves for the fight ahead.

The Calm Before the Storm

Before the clash begins, we get a quiet moment with our hero Hiroshi. He reflects on his training and how far he’s come since arriving at U.A. High. Hiroshi thinks about his friends in Class 1-A and his mentor All Might. He realizes that this battle with the League of Villains will test everything he’s learned so far. Hiroshi understands that failure could mean death for him and his friends.

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disaster-class Hero 57
disaster-class Hero 57

The Attack Commences

Suddenly, the League of Villains launches their surprise attack! Explosions rock the school as villains pour through breaches in the security system. All Might leaps into action against the main villain force while the teachers work to evacuate students and defend key locations. Hiroshi is forced to jump right into the fray, using his enhanced abilities to fight off villains attacking Class 1-A’s location.

Hiroshi’s Trial By Fire

We get an extended action sequence as Hiroshi taps into the full power of One For All to repel the attacking villains. He uses powerful smash attacks while also adeptly dodging incoming assaults with his improved agility. However, Hiroshi is still learning to control his quirk’s output and takes damage from his recoil impacts. He perseveres through the pain, knowing that innocent lives depend on him holding the line until reinforcements can arrive.

The Tide Turns

At first, the heroes seem overwhelmed by the surprise villain attack. However, All Might and the pro heroes start to turn the tide back in their favor with their superior combat experience. All Might batters the main villain leader in an earthshaking duel. Meanwhile, Present Mic, Midnight, and other faculty heroes start pushing back the invading criminals.

The villains’ plan is in peril

Seeing his forces being repelled, the lead villain realizes he must spring his trap for All Might now or risk total defeat. He had intended to wear All Might down first before using his secret weapon, but circumstances forced his hand early. The villain unleashes a sinister energy wave that paralyzes All Might, allowing other villains to pummel the hero.

Hiroshi’s Desperate Gambit

Watching his mentor All Might in dire straits, Hiroshi makes a fateful decision. He gathers his remaining strength and leaps into the villain’s energy wave, disrupting it through force of will. This frees All Might at the cost of grievous injuries to Hiroshi. But his gambit pays off – the distracted villains give All Might an opening to defeat the leader and turn the battle fully in the heroes’ favor.


In the aftermath, we see the heroes have won the day, but at great cost. Parts of U.A. High are damaged and many heroes are injured, including All Might and Hiroshi. However, students were successfully evacuated so there was no loss of young life. Hiroshi is lauded for his bravery in taking down the villain’s energy wave, giving All Might the chance to claim victory. But it’s clear Hiroshi still has much room to grow into the hero role.

What Comes Next in Disaster-class Hero 57

The League of Villains has been defeated for now, but Hiroshi and his friends cannot rest easy. This surprise attack on U.A. High was just the start of the villain’s plan. Hiroshi realizes greater threats are still lurking and he’ll need to keep improving as a hero to have any hope of stopping them. As the chapter comes to a close, we are left to wonder – what sinister plots will the villains unveil next? How far will Hiroshi need to go to become the hero the world needs? The stakes have been raised and the disaster-class hero’s journey has only just begun.

Final Words

In The Return of the disaster-class Hero 57, we see an epic clash between heroes and villains. Our protagonist Hiroshi faces a critical test of his abilities as he helps defend U.A. High from a surprise attack. Though the heroes emerge victorious, it is clear this is just the beginning of an even greater threat. Hiroshi shows the potential to become a true hero, but his training continues as the villains plot their next move. This pivotal chapter raises the stakes and sets the stage for more dramatic confrontations to come. The disaster-class hero’s journey is poised to take him to even greater heights.

People Also Ask

Q: What happens in chapter 57?

A: The League of Villains launches a surprise attack on U.A. High that is repelled by All Might, the teachers, and Hiroshi.

Q: What is Hiroshi’s role in the battle?

A: Hiroshi uses One for All to defeat villains attacking Class 1-A. He later disrupts the villain’s energy wave trap, allowing All Might to claim victory.

Q: What is the outcome of the battle?

A: The heroes successfully defend U.A. High but both All Might and Hiroshi sustain major injuries. The villains are defeated for now.

Q: What might come next in the story?

A: Hiroshi must continue training as it’s clear the League of Villains plot even greater threats. He vows to improve as a hero to be ready for their next attack.